TODAY’S MEDITATION – God’s Word cannot be withheld for a while (Jeremiah 20:7-18)

In these verses, we see Jeremiah crying out in a despair mixed with praise, trying to unburden his heart to God. My brother, my sister, it seems that Jeremiah had faithfully proclaimed God’s Word and had seen or received nothing in return, but instead he was persecuted and was in deep sorrow. How many times have you felt you are so committed to doing God’s work but nothing happens, and inside you, you feel like Jeremiah was here? You see, when he withheld God’s word for a while due to discouragement, it became fire in his bones until he could hold it back no longer. My friends, we should learn to do the work of God without expecting to see or receive anything in return, but instead trusting that the Lord is at work even when things seems out of control or when nothing seems to happen. Because God’s Word is the living message of forgiveness and love and when it is proclaimed it will always have effect… in God’s time! So let’s commit to share the Word of God regardless of the results we get. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.