TODAY’S MEDITATION – God’s produces only from what you present Him! (Mark 4:14-20)

In this parable that is meant to encourage the spiritual “sowers”, those who teach, preach and lead others, Jesus enables us to see another dimension of God’s work in our lives. My brother, my sister, today know that all productivity is in God’s hands. So, no matter what you want to see growing in your life, give it to God: health, work, money, family, faith, wisdom, etc… yes, all productivity is in the hand of God but there is a rule He has set for you to see things growing: He comes first in everything too! Let’s explore this Parable on its second level, the first level being the most obvious: the farmer sowed good seed, but all not seed sprouted, and even the plants that grew had varying yields. This is a way to tell us never be discouraged if we don’t always see results as we faithfully preach the Word to people. My friend, God’s productivity requires patience. When you talk to people about Jesus, be aware that they may not understand if they are not ready to receive Him. So, be patient, but keep taking every chance to tell them more about the Lord and continue praying that the Holy Spirit will open their minds and hearts to receive the truth and act on it.

The second level, which we are interested in today, is that God produces from what we already have. For Jesus to feed the 5000, He used the 5 loaves of bread they already had (Matthew 14:13-21)! Jesus is God: why did He not order the manna from heaven? Because He needed to us a seed, what they already had to present to God! Now, in what area do you expect God’s productivity to be manifested in your life? Today know that He has already set all the rules in His word: for Him to produce health and prosperity, He is asking you to start prospering inside of you (3 John 1:2), because as you prosper from inside you will become obedient to His word and follow His other principles. The same as the farmer needs to plant a seed on the ground, you need to lay down the foundation of whatever you want the Lord to make productive in your life. His Word will never change. So, it is up to us really: as we respond to His Word faithfully, we will see His promises fulfilled in our lives!

My friend, Cornelius was a rich and prosperous man, because “He and all his family were devout and God-fearing; he gave generously to those in need and prayed to God regularly” (Acts 10:2), and this urged God to send Peter to lead Him to Christ. Yes, God does not need our efforts or intervention for our salvation. Did any human being asked Him to send Jesus to redeem us? So, why do you want to give Him conditions to prosper, protect, heal or deliver you? Today, if you are in the Lord it is God who called you, not yourself, not your mum or dad, not your friend: “No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them” (John 6:44). And He called you to do great things in your life. Now, all He wants you to do is to fear Him and obey Him, then He will produce faith, wisdom, and provide for your needs above your expectations.

The Bible says, He multiplies: “I will greatly bless you, and I will greatly multiply your seed” (Genesis 22:17). But from what does He multiply? He can only multiply from what you already have! If you have nothing to present to Him, you are telling Him multiply from zero! Hannah wanted a child, and she gave her womb to the Lord to use by giving that child to God, and God gave her Samuel and she bore three more sons and two daughters (1 Samuel). Yes, Hannah provided the number that God needed to multiply with (1) to God and He provided the multiplier (6). So, a desire for one child ended up with 6 children for Hannah. The same, the widow of Zareptha had no food, she presented the little she had to the Lord through His servant, and God who had sent this servant to her multiplied it in a way that she had no more room to store her blessings. So, what do you want to produce in your life? Give Him something to multiply from. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.