TODAY’S MEDITATION – God’s mercy is available to all (Romans 11:6)

Do you sometimes think that it is easier for God to love you when you’re good? Do you secretly believe that God chose you because you deserve it? Do you think that some people’s behaviour is so bad that God cannot possibly save them? My brother, my sister, if you ever think this way, you don’t entirely understand that salvation is by grace. It is a free gift from our Lord, which we have received because of Jesus accepting to bear our sins on the Cross. Salvation is not something you earn or deserve, in whole or in part, it can only be accepted with thankfulness and praise. That’s the real demonstration of God’s mercy for all of human kind. Yes, God’s mercy is shown through His unfailing love for us and He does not make exceptions among His Creation. We are all called by Jesus, but, unfortunately, many reject Him or refute Who He Is. My friend, God’s mercy is available to you, to your family, to your friends, to your enemies… It is our choice to accept or refuse it. When we accept it, we become His beloved children and take part in His Kingdom through Jesus; when we reject Him, we are turning our own back to His mercy and the inheritance He has freely provided for all of us without exception. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.