TODAY’S MEDITATION – God’s favour does not automatically bring instant success (Luke 1:30-31)

Some people accept Jesus in hope that their lives would change immediately. My brother, my sister, the true Gospel does not teach that at all. And because there are so many interpretations of the Gospel our there, some people take God for Santa Claus and start their walk with Christ with the hope to that God’s favour will automatically bring instant success or fame in their lives. Read this passage to understand that it takes time for the favour of God to be materialized in our lives. Why? Because your walk with the Lord Jesus is like getting pregnant, and pregnancy takes time before the child comes into the world.

Yes in this passage, God’s blessing and favour was on Mary, for she was the one who was going to give birth to the Messiah. Yet, she had to go through much pain before that. First pain: facing the world with a pregnancy as an unmarried woman… just imagine what it was for her at that time, after having to face Joseph to explain to him how she got pregnant, even if God had prepared Joseph’s heart too… yet, think about Mary’s ordeal for a minute! Second pain: going through the time of pregnancy and giving birth to a child. At that time there was no pain relief women can take today! Third pain: the thought of her son being rejected or murdered… Yes, the favour of God was with her, but that did not mean things were easy for her as soon as the angel announced her she was going to give birth to the world’s only hope for salvation.

Today, my friend, do you know what enabled Mary to bear all these painful moments? Her submission to God’s plan! So, if sorrow is weighing you down or dimming your hope at this moment, think about Mary and wait patiently for God to finish working out His plan for your life… for guaranteed success is at the end of this plan. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.