TODAY’S MEDITATION – God will always prevail with or without you (Judges 8:5-9).

In this passage, the leaders of Succoth and Peniel refused to help Gideon, probably because they were afraid of the Midianite’s revenge should Gideon fail (Gideon’s army had only 300 men and they were chasing 15000). My brother, my sister, what these people did not realise is that victory was certain because God was with Gideon. But they were so worried about saving themselves that they never thought about God’s power to save. Yes, sometimes because of fear for ourselves, we may not recognize God’s presence in other people and therefore miss God’s victory. Then, we must face the often bitter consequences of failing to join forces with those God has chosen to do His work. Because God will prevail with or without you, lend support with your time, money, talents, prayer with others who are engaged in the work of God. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.