TODAY’S MEDITATION – God is working His will in your life (Colossians 4:2)

Patience! A fruit of the Spirit that is so difficult to find among the believers today, as many people want to see what they are asking God for right away. True enough that we are living in societies that show us that the easy way to achieve and get things is the norm. Yet, when we read the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, God shows us that when He is working His will in our lives, it takes time. Most of the time, not because He wants it to be so, but because we are slow in answering to His demands, slow in doing what pleases Him.

My brother, my sister, have you ever grown tired of praying for something or for someone? In today’s verse, you are asked this: “Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.” In other words, your persistence will show how you really trust God for what you want to see Him doing in your life. This brings us to recall you that, you will not really have true faith if God was to answer your prayers as soon as you formulate them. That is the reason why, sometimes God takes His time, as He is silently and secretly working His will, which is perfect compared to yours, in your life. If your faith dies when your answer comes slowly or does not come, ask yourself if you actually had faith in Him in the first place… because some people fake their own faith by deceiving themselves while they are in fact praying and waiting on God’s answer only to satisfy their selfish desires and move away from Him.

The truth is, He knows your heart better than yourself and you cannot trick Him. So, if God delays in answering your prayer, keep in mind that He is still working His will in your life, and that will is: He wants you to be saved by truly following Christ, your Lord and Saviour, before He will answer your prayers… and truly, if you check your prayers you will see that they are more about the things the Lord is telling you not to worry about: health issues, money issues, food and clothing issues, family issues, etc… while He wants your problem to be linked to His Kingdom and His righteousness. My friend, align your will to God’s will, then you will surely see His answers to your prayers come immediately. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.