TODAY’S MEDITATION – God is looking for a man or a woman after His Own Heart (1 Samuel 13:14)

When God goes around the earth, looking for potential leaders, true worshipers or servants, He is not on a search for angels in the flesh. Besides, the is certainly not looking for perfect people, since none of us is. My brother, my sister, the Lord is searching for men and women like you and me, mere people made up of flesh, who have weaknesses, who have doubts… but, there is a BUT: He is looking for those who share the same qualities He found in David. God is looking for men and women “after His own heart”.

Now, what made David to be called a man after God’s own heart? Look at this: “After removing Saul, he made David their king. He testified concerning him: ‘I have found David son of Jesse a man after my own heart; he will do everything I want him to do” (Acts 13:22). My friend, does this not make you wonder how God could say this while He knew (He is omniscient) what David was going to do with Bathsheba (2 Samuel 11). What Good News my friend!… Are you not reassured to know that God knew before you that you were going to go through whatever you are going through today? Yes, this alone should increase our hope and faith. Why? Because this means our life is in harmony with the Lord when we do what He is asking us to do, no matter our mistakes and weaknesses. Yes, being a person after God’s own heart means that what is important to Him is important to you… what burdens Him burdens you. When He says, ‘Go to the right,’ you go to the right. When He says, ‘Stop that in your life,’ you stop it. When He says, ‘This is wrong and I want you to change,’ you come to terms with it because you have a heart for God. My friend, this is bottom-line, biblical Christianity.

Indeed God is looking for men and women whose hearts are His, completely. That means there are no locked closets where we hide things that displease Him. Someone after God’s heart is repentant, that means that when you do wrong, you admit it and come to terms with it. That person longs to please the Lord in their actions and they care deeply about the motivations behind their actions because they themselves are the guardians of their own integrity. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.