TODAY’S MEDITATION – God has reconciled you to His divine favour (2 Corinthians 5:17-18)

Today, it is such a shame that many churches have tragically become more of a theater of entertainment, rather than a place where people come to learn about God and His plans and will for us. Therefore, many believers go to church only because they have a long wishing prayer list and believe that by being there, God will see them better and answer them. My brother, my sister, when you become a Christian by accepting our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the Bible says God has reconciled you to Himself, and He has also given you the ministry of reconciliation. The word “reconciliation” here is the Greek word “katallage”, which means “to restore (to divine) favour.” In other words, by accepting Christ, God has not only given you back everything that you had lost and that is why He tells you to seek His Kingdom first and live a righteous life… and everything else shall be given to you (Matthew 6:33), but He has also entrusted to you the wonderful responsibility of partaking in the ministry of reconciling lost sinners with our Creator by spreading the Gospel to let the world know what the sacrifice of Christ Jesus on the Cross means. Yes, God has called all of us to preach the ministry of reconciliation. It is our duty to proclaim to both lost people and saved people that they can be reconciled to God, because that is the greatest FINISHED work in the world that God did for us who were unable to save ourselves. You who call yourself an ambassador of Christ, do you exercise your ministry? Know that the ministry of reconciliation is the greatest calling for you! What a privilege to be given the responsibility to preach the ministry of reconciliation that the Apostle Paul preached! Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.