TODAY’S MEDITATION – God has a meaningful purpose for each one of us (Matthew 9:9)

Today, let’s have a look at Matthew, a disciple who made a decision to follow Jesus, knowing there was absolutely no turning back. More than any other disciple, Matthew clearly knew how much it would cost him to follow Jesus, yet he did not hesitate one moment. My brother, my sister, as we read the today’s verse, we realise that Matthew left his tax-collection booth for a guaranteed unemployment. Did he have no need for money or properties or the comfort that his job gave him? It takes faith to follow Jesus and leave everything behind like this!

You see, “Matthew got up and followed him.” My friend, Matthew abandoned everything and Jesus offered the despised tax collector he was a new life, a new family and a new purpose for his skills. Yes, so many of us have skills, but we want to keep them for ourselves while we could use them for the glory of the One who gave us those skills : when Matthew followed Jesus, the only tool from his past job that he carried with him was his pen.

Yes, from the beginning, God had made him a record keeper. Jesus’ call eventually allowed him to put his skills to the finest and everlasting work: through his keen observations and his undoubtful record, today we have the Gospel that bears His name. My friend, Matthew’s experience points out that each of us, from the beginning, is one of God’s work in progress. Much of what God has for us, He gives long before we are able to consciously respond to Him. Yes, God trusts us with skills and abilities ahead of schedule. He has made each os us capable of being His servant. Thus, when we trust Him with what He has given us, we begin our life with Him, for the purposes. He has sent us on earth for. Matthew could not have know that God could use the very skills he had sharpened as a tax collector to record the greatest story ever lived. And God has no less meaningful a purpose for each one of us. My friend, have you recognised Jesus saying to you: “Follow me?” What has been your response? Follow him with what you can do and let Him set the work you should do for God’s purpose to be fulfilled through you. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.