TODAY’S MEDITATION : “God chose you to be saved and share the glory of Christ” (2 Thessalonians 2:13-14).

Have you ever thought about being special? It’s a startling idea: among all the world’s billions, no other person is exactly like you. Look at the signs of your individuality. No other person was born with the pattern of your fingerprint. No other person matches the iris of your eye. The same, inside you, every tiny cell in your body, every spark of mental activity says you are more than special, you are unique. Yes my brother, my sister… That’s how God designed you to be: a special and unique individual. What does it mean in the light of the Word of God? It means you are a desired child who has been called and chosen. If you have heard the Good News, that is God’s way of calling you. If you have shared in the Good News, that is God’s way of choosing you. Actually, the Bible says that long ago – “from the beginning” – God chose to save you. But God confirms that choice by His Spirit’s work on your heart and by your belief in the Good News. My friend, God’s Spirit works to set you apart, sanctifying you for a very special relationship with God. The result of your sanctification is for you to be able to share in the glory of the risen Lord (verse 14). It has nothing to do with a worldly kind of glory like when people glorify rock stars, movie stars and political leaders. This glory is different. It has to do with spiritual closeness to God, who makes you like His Son. He fills your life with purpose and joy. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.