TODAY’S MEDITATION – God can move someone’s heart in your favour (Ezra 1:1-3)

My brother, my sister, have you ever prayed that God would move someone’s heart in your favour?

How many of us would like to see the Lord moving the heart of someone in our favour. Maybe, the heart of a spouse who seems not to love you, the heart of an employer you expect a promotion from, the heart of a rebellious child who has given you sleepless nights, the heart of a loved one you would like to stop whatever is taking them to hell… My brother, my sister, God is capable of moving someone’s heart. The Bible shows us that many times: Esther and her people fasted and prayed, God moved the king’s heart to fall deeply in love with Esther and write a decree in favour of her people. But this happened because God’s purpose was to be fulfilled! Nehemiah cried and prayed to the Lord, God moved the heart of the king to grant him the favour he needed to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem. Today’s passage tells us that “in order to fulfill the word of the Lord spoken by Jeremiah, the Lord moved the heart of Cyrus king of Persia to make a proclamation throughout his realm and also to put it in writing” (verse 1).

What should we learn from this? That as long as we want God to move someone’s heart to fulfill our own desires, this will not happen. God puts people together to accomplish His own plans and similarly, He touches the hearts of people for the same purpose. If you want God to change the heart of a loved one, start reflecting on the motivation that lies behind it. Is it peace you are looking for? Well, He has given you peace already and if it is lacking today, what door was opened to allow the devil to steal that peace from you? Close the door which gives access to the devil and line up with the Word of God by sticking on to Jesus and that peace will return and remain with you. Unfortunately, many people want God to move someone’s heart for them to be good with those people… God moves people’s heart for His own purposes to be fulfilled… He gives us special favour for specific things for His plans to be accomplished. What part of His plan is in what you are asking Him when you want Him to change someone’s heart? Are you yourself determined to fit into His plan for you before you ask Him to change the heart of someone else? In other words, have you personally allowed Him t to touch and change your own heart that His plans can be fulfilled in and through you? Maybe that is the reason why everything seem stiff… Maybe that’s why everything seems stiff and resist you… because maybe you are trying to fit in a plan that was not originally set for you by the Lord. My friend, seek Him through His Word to return to His plans for you if you have gone far from it, then you will be also able to discern things and touch the heart of God in prayer like Esther or Nehemiah and ask Him to touch the heart of the people around you too. Remain. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.