TODAY’S MEDITATION – Forgive as the Lord has forgiven you.” (Colossians 3:13) – (below are suggested prayers to forgive others, yourself and blaming God).

Human nature makes us tend to defend ourselves in front adversity. Unfortunately, we are also very prompt to be tempted to remind others of past offence, when they wronged us because of the bitterness, hatred, malice, holding grudges and resentment that might have grown in us. Even after they have asked us for forgiveness. My brother, my sister, the Bible says that when God forgives our sins, He totally forgets them (Isaiah 43:25). Being in His image, we should also learn to do the same, and never have to remind people of their sins once they have confessed them to us, or else asked for our forgiveness. In addition, as God’s child, you need to forgive others as He forgives you, for your own good, your own health and your own salvation. My friend, unforgiveness is a great spiritual barrier you yourself build between you and God, and that opens doors to demonic footholds in your life. And this applies to forgiving yourself too of any past sins… Now let me tell you that 90% of our health, family, financial or relational issues are caused by unforginess. Yes, those things you are secretly ashamed of, or that you don’t want to confess to yourself or to others can become unconfessed sins… You see, Satan likes us to have secrets because he can use them to kill us, destroy us or steal from us. Most of the time, why do we keep things secrets? It’s because we know they are bad, don’t we? Jesus emphasised that God’s kingdom is a matter of forgiveness and those who do not forgive are handed over to torturers (Matthew 18:23-34).Unfortunately any unconfessed sin cannot be blot out by God be cause He wants you to realise what you have done, said or thought wrongly, come back to your senses to avoid doing the same sins again. Today, make the decision to free yourself from the bondage of unforgiveness and unconfessed sins to receive the Lord’s pardon, which is freely available to you because of the cross. Why? Because unforgiveness is a fatal poison which cuts us off from forgiveness (Matthew 6:12,15), prayer (Mark 11:24-25), and worship (Matthew 5:23-24).All you need to do is be honest and sincere with yourself, look at your inside and set yourself free to shame the devil and destroy his next plans to make your life miserable because of unforgiveness of others or unconfessed sins. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name. Suggested prayers to get rid of unforgiveness and unconfessed sins in order to move forward and resist the temptations of the devil in these areas if our lives. PRAYER TO FORGIVE OTHERS – ONLY when and if you are ready to truly forgive the people who wronged you: “Heavenly Father, you are holy and righteous. You are perfect in justice. I confess that I have not forgiven as you have commanded me to. Through Jesus Christ, I now forgive these people: _________________ (list names and what they did to you). I confess my pride and judgment of those people. Please forgive me Lord and cleanse me from my sin. Please help me to now entrust these people and the wrongs they caused me into your hands. I pray that your will be done in my life and in their lives. Please help me to no longer think on those wrongs , but instead to focus my thoughts on you. I invite you, Lord, into any painful memories I have concerning what was done. Please heal any wounds I received and help me to have your perspective on what happened. (Take time now to pray silently and receive from the Lord) Thank you, Father! In the name of Jesus Christ I pray, Amen.” RECOGNISE YOUR SINS OF BLAMING GOD – When bad things happen to us, sometimes we blame God for not protecting us from the evil that was done. “Heavenly Father, I recognise my sin of unforgiveness toward you regarding __________ (list the situation). I know that you are perfectly just and holy, although I may not understand why things happened as they did. I ask for your forgiveness, Father for any offense that I concluded came from you. Please heal my wounds and deepen my understanding of your love. I invite you to give me your perspective concerning what happened. (take time now in silent prayer to wait on the Lord) I receive your healing and forgiveness, Lord. Thank you! In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.” FORGIVE YOURSELF When we’ve made bad mistakes in life, it can be tempting to unmercifully hold ourselves responsible. “Heavenly Father, I confess that I have unmercifully held myself in judgment concerning _________________ (list the situation). I forgive myself for what I said, did or thought wrongly in that situation. Please cleanse me of all self-condemnation by the blood of Jesus and restore in me a healthy self-esteem. Thank you, Lord for forgiving me and empowering me to live for you as a new creation. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.” [facebook] [retweet]