TODAY’S MEDITATION – For nations to do God’s will, there is need for individuals who do God’s will (2 Kings 1)

This book portrays a divided kingdom, just as our nations are today divided. My brother, my sister, in our chaotic and corrupt societies, we can turn to examples such as David, Elijah and Elisha, who were devoted to God’s high honour and moral law and who thought about renewal and change in their society. More important, we can look to Jesus, the perfect example, to be able to bring change around us.

You see, for nations to do God’s will, we do not need to have popular or powerful presidents or prime ministers. The nations are in need of individuals who will do God’s work. Yes, your heart is fully committed to God, He can work through you to accomplish He has called you to do. The Bible says: “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God” (Romans 13:1)… but the sad reality is that any authority, any person in a position authority was placed there by God, but how many of our authorities are ready to do the will and work of God? ? Many of our authorities are far from God when they are not bowing to the devil… and instead of us criticising them, speaking things that bring no change, we should pray day and night that God will remind them who He is and that He will bring up individuals who fear Him to lead the nations.

My friends, as Christians, we have an important responsibility in our societies: the world is still too full with lost souls for us to pray only about ourselves. If the children of God would truly devote themselves to prayer for change in societies (1 Timothy 2:2), won’t God hear them from heaven and put in all nations God fearing leaders? Let’s all meditate on this and determine to do our part, individually. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.