TODAY’S MEDITATION – “Faithful followers of Christ” (Ephesians 1:1)

Today’s world talks about worldly celebrities every day and everywhere. But what seems to be more advertised about those people is all the wrong things they do: cheating, drugs, misconduct, divorce, lust, focus on material possessions, etc… Headlines are full with celebrities… And our societies follow those celebrities! Now, because we live among them, some believers mingle with them so much that they don’t know how to behave and even take those behaviours within the body of Christ, totally ignoring what the Word of God says. My brother, my sister, you claim to be a Christian. Are you a faithful follower of Christ? In other words, does your reputation label you with such ultimate honour that all believers should seek? Have you ever thought about what it would take for others to call you a faithful follower of Jesus? Today, allow me to remind you that we are ambassadors of His Kingdom (2 Corinthians 5:20). The sad truth is that, every believer wants to go to this Kingdom, but many are not following the rules of this Kingdom! For you to become a citizen of a country, would you start by breaking its laws every day in a way that your record will be so full of sanctions? Of course we are living in the time of grace, but grace does not give us freedom to sin. Today let me even tell you that, since you entered the time of grace by accepting the Lord Jesus as your saviour and His Spirit came to dwell in you, if you were really saved, you will actually seek to do things that please Him more than follow the desires of your flesh! Despite the grace, there is still judgment ahead, my friend! So, know that being a faithful follower of Christ is the key to your entry into the Kingdom, for you may be saved by grace through faith, but if you do not hold fast to your faith one day at a time, by faithfully obeying the commands of the Lord, are you really His faithful follower? And, are you sure that He will find you still in faith? (Last week I read about a pastor who just converted into Islam!!!) Yes, faithful followers of Christ value their salvation because they can realise that they are made holy and blameless in God’s sight because of the sacrifice of the cross. And therefore, even the details of their lives have to reflect Christ! Stay blessed in Jesus’ name. [facebook] [retweet]