TODAY’S MEDITATION – Faith + Works = Success in Life (James 2:14-26)

Salvation comes from our statement of belief in Jesus Christ. It is clear in the Bible. Yet, in the book of James, we are asked questions that should make us reflect on our own walk with the Lord:
1. What good is it Christians if a person claims to know Jesus Christ but has no actions to back up his faith? Can it save them?(verse 14)
2. What good is a faith- a religion- that does not meet the physical needs of others? (verse 15-16)
3. Do you want evidence that faith without deeds is meaningless – useless? (verse 20)

My brother, my sister, works do not save you, faith does. But works are the result of a transformed life for God. Your actions always unveil the condition of your spiritual heart! The Bible says you will know them by their fruit! (Matthew 7:16) So, does your fruit speak loud about your faith? Is your faith being expressed in action for God’s Kingdom? Also, is your faith touching and impacting the lives of others physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally? If the answer to the questions is “NO” then the verdict is appalling because faith without works is dead and it could explain why, whenever your faith is undermined, you fall or risk backsliding. Obviously, if your works cannot support your faith, then your spiritual life is unbalanced. Let’s look at how James, inspired by the Holy Spirit, helps us get on the right road to success: faith and works will die apart because one cannot survive without the other. Why? Because they are they live together, they breathe together, they are to be partners.

My friend, going to heaven is nothing that concerns you because Jesus has already taken care of that. However, if you want success in life, then you have to ensure that your works support your faith. Why? Because your works do make a difference! Your works are should the testimony of how Jesus is the real deal in your life! If Jesus is indeed a good deal for you, what proves it if not what you do for God and the Kingdom of God? Saying you believe in Him is not enough… Well, the Bible tells us that if all you do is believe in God and that’s it, then you are actually just like demons: they believe in God too (verse 19) but they do nothing for God or in favour of the Kingdom of God. Instead, they do evil deeds by using, abusing and destroying people for the sinister plans of the devil. Today’s passage warns us not to be deceived: Faith +Works = Success in life! Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.