TODAY’S MEDITATION – Even in times of trouble, praise the Lord (Psalm 70)

This short Psalm is interesting as we can see David begging God to rush to his aid. My brother, my sister, when others disappoint you or threaten your peace and you feel empty as though a vital part of yourself has been stolen, when others break the trust you have placed in them and your spirit is broken, you must always remember to praise the Lord. You see, here we read David’s plea for God to come quickly with His help. Our Lord has ears, so He cannot remain silent when His children are calling Him to hasten. The problem with many believers is that, in such broken moments, they rush to their friends, family members, pastors, etc… and forget to rush to the Lord. The veil was broken, my friend, so that you may have direct access to God through Jesus. Another problem is that very often our prayers are filled with requests for ourselves and others, and we forget to thank God for what He has done and to worship Him for who He is. Now, whatever happens in your life, praise Him. Yes, let’s never take the Lord for granted and treat Him as a vending machine of blessings. It is mostly in time of distress, during the times when we are broken that we should praise and thank God knowing that His plans for our lives will be fulfilled no matter the circumstances and that everything works for the good of those who love Him (Romans 8:28). Stay blessed in Jesus’ name. [facebook] [retweet]