TODAY’S MEDITATION – Even if the night is long, the morning will still come with its light (Psalm 30:5)

My brother, my sister, this is a time to give a testimony for the glory of God.

My friend, yesterday I wrote my testimony as regards the keyboard of my laptop that broke on Tuesday and I wanted to buy a new keyboard Wednesday. The Lord is wonderful. Now I know why, after cleaning the keyboard, it started working again: that was to prevent me from buying a new keyboard for my laptop… I have had this laptop since 2006 and yesterday did not end without the Lord providing me with a new one. Yes, I indeed received a new laptop as a birthday present. God takes care of our needs. Let us have faith in Him… We should also stop thinking that His favour is limited. It is us who are trying to limit the Lord by not following His principles… In today’s verse, the Bible says that “weeping may stay for the night, but rejoicing comes in the morning.” Indeed, it’s been over two months since my computer started playing up and I have been postponing the purchase of a new one. The long night I spent with my old computer is over… because joy has come in a new light, through a new laptop. Is there something that makes you tired right now? Keep trusting in the Lord, keep your eyes set on Him… and let Him take care of what worries you, without complaining or murmuring…

Let’s all give glory to the Lord Jesus every day for what He has done for us and especially for giving us access to the gracious and immeasurable kindness of God who provides in His time and according to His timing. My friend, regardless of the length of the night, know that it will not last forever and one day soon, the morning will come with its light and gladness… the situation that makes you tired may want to drag in the darkness of the night… it does not matter if you do not doubt that someday soon this situation (not you) will have to face the light of the morning and bow down before the name of our Lord because this situation has a name and the Bible states that Jesus’ name is above all names (Philippians 2:9). Moreover, it is God who is in control and certainly not the time and circumstances that determine that situation. As for you, my friend, it is up to you to readjust the way you look at this situation. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.