TODAY’S MEDITATION – Don’t make God’s patience run out ! (Psalm 74)

This Psalm is a plea to the Lord to help His people defend His cause and remember His promises. My brother, my sister, when you fell devasted or forgotten by God, draw nearer Him and ask Him for help knowing that He hears. You see, here we learn that God’s anger against Israel had grown hot during the many years of their sin and idolatry. Today, many people assume that God does not get angry because we live in the time of grace. Let us look at all this in the light of the Word: salvation comes from God and His purpose behind it is to reconcile us to himself through Christ and givn us the ministry of reconciliation (2 Corinthians 5:18). What does this mean then? To be reconciled with God, we must abandon the things that make him angry!

My friend, God’s patience endures for generations because He is slow to anger. Also, if you fall into sin but quickly seek God’s forgiveness, His mercy may come quickly and His anger may leave quickly too, because He is merciful and loves us unconditionally. However, many believers continue to sin against God, doing the same things that arouse the wrath of the Lord, as if they do not understand what is expected of them by the Lord… my friend, don’t make the Lord’s patience run out!

For different reasons, many believers misunderstand Jesus’ love and the sacrifice of the Cross: from our perspective God, sometimes seems slow to intervene. Yet what might seem slow to you is good timing in terms of God’s perspective. It’s easy to become impatient when waiting for God to act, but we must never abandon Him by running away from Him. When God is silent and you are in deep anguish, follow the method in this Psalm: remember the great deeds of God throughout biblical history and remember what He has done for you so far. This should bring you to know that God is at work not only in history, but also in your personal life. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.