TODAY’S MEDITATION – Don’t let that day catch you unaware (Luke 21:34-36)

Are you constantly keeping watch? My brother, my sister, Jesus told the disciples to keep a constant watch for His return. Isn’t it interesting, that He was not yet gone that He was already He was telling them about the necessity to keep watch for that day that “will come on all those who live on the face of the whole earth” (verse 36).

My friends, these words were spoken about 2000 years ago, but their truth remains: Christ is coming again, so we need to watch and be spiritually fit. This simply means that we need to work faithfully at the tasks God has given us. Don’t let your mind and spirit be dulled by careless living, drinking or foolishly pursuing earthly pleasure. Don’t let the cares of this life weigh you down.

You see, it was after Jesus told His disciples to pray that they might escape persecution (verse 36), that He Himself asked God to spare Him the agonies of the cross, if that was God’s will (Luke 22:41-42). Yes, it’s abnormal to WANT to suffer, but as Jesus’ followers, we must be WILLING to suffer if by doing so we can help build God’s Kingdom. And we should not be afraid or worry because we have two wonderful promises to help us as we suffer: God will always be with us when we suffer for the things of His Kingdom (Matthew 28:20) and He will one day rescue us and give us eternal life ( Revelation 21:1-4). In the mean time keep watch, don’t let the day of the return of the Lord catch you unaware. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.