TODAY’S MEDITATION – Don’t let anything or anyone come between you and obeying the Lord (Amos 7:10-15)

This passage reflects what many believers sometimes face in their walk with the Lord. They start well, then the devil knowing they are doing well, presents something or someone in between them and their obedience to God. My brother, my sister, you might be going through that situation right now, if not be aware of it anyway, because they devil is around, prowling and looking for someone to bring to perdition. And this has happened many times in the Bible: look at Job, Satan presented himself to God to ask to bring Job to perdition, because Job was a man of integrity (Job 1); he asked for Peter that the Lord was going to use to start the church on earth (Luke 22:31-32)… Yes, when there is something the others don’t have in you, Satan will try to send something or someone to be in between God and you.

In this passage, Amos is doing what God asked him to do, which was not an easy task as he was seen as a traitor and a conspirator because he was speaking out against the king and his advisors, questioning their authority and exposing their sins. Then comes someone, Amaziah, the high priest of Bethel, the one who represented Israel’s official religion! My friend, you see, Satan can use anyone who is not concerned about the truth of God’s message! And he used Amaziah, because Amaziah was only worried about his own position. Yes, his desire for prestige, authority, money and everything that his position was giving him had come in between him and the truth of God. My friend, Satan does not act noisily, he is cunning and he can attack your integrity, your faithfulness and your obedience to God any time. Many people ignore or neglect to watch over themselves sometimes and the devil takes advantage of it.

Today check yourself: what has been taking more importance in your heart lately: the desire for marriage, the desire for children, the search for a job, your work, your family, your health, the need for a better job, etc… all these earthly things we worry about are dangers to our own faith. And trust that, as Satan goes around, he will see what you want the most and he will serve it to you on a very large platter quicker, because he knows God is preparing to give it to you anyway. Unfortunately, whatever comes from the devil does not last and he will come back for it sooner or later. Therefore watch over your faith in the Lord and patiently trust that He knows all those things you need and He is waiting for the best time to give them to you, one at a time, when He knows you are ready to handle the blessings He gives you without wasting them. So focus on Him, not on yourself to stop the devil from putting something or someone in between you and your obedience to the Lord. God blesses us because of His eternal love for us, but also because of our faithfulness and obedience to His Word. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.