Today’s Meditation – Don’t allow anyone to discourage you (John 5:10-14)

In this well-known passage of the man who was healed at the pool after 38 years of sufferings, we see how man can discourage you. My brother, my sister, don’t allow man to have the final word in your life, for only Jesus has the final say because He is the One who gave His life for your life!

You see, this is the man who had not walked for 38 years and he had been healed but the Pharisees were more concerned about their rules than the life and health of a human being. Indeed, according to the Pharisees, carrying a mat was work and it was therefore unlawful. That was the Pharisees’ interpretation of the Bible. We know that Jesus never sinned… which means He never broke the Law. Yet, in the Lord’s action, the Jewish leaders saw both the miracle of healing and a broken rule. But, they threw the miracle aside to focus only on the ‘broken rule’… The rule was more important to them than the miracle.

My friend, it is so easy to get caught up on man-made rules, man-made structures… If you listen to man more that to the Lord, know that people can be a stumbling block to your miracle… Yes, this man has been paralysed… 38 years. Nobody to help him. Suddenly he could walk… These people knew him well enough to recognize this great miracle, but all that mattered to them was the rules! My friend, I have come to tell you today that, no matter how trapped you feel in your infirmities, in your situation, in your weaknesses, Jesus has the power to make you well today. People may laugh at you and say so you are still at that church but wait on Jesus; people may step on you but wait… people may say you still believe to be pregnant after 10 years of marriage but wait… The only people that win the race are those who never quit. Let Jesus have the final word on your situation and your life. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.