TODAY’S MEDITATION – Doing God’s will begins with your desires (Philippians 2:13)

When you become a Christian, you enter a new family and should start walking according to the standards set by the head of this family, Jesus Christ. This means that you must train yourselves to think like Christ, to change your desires to be more and more like Christ’s own desires. My brother, my sister, are you willing to be humble, to be open enough to let the Lord give you opportunities and are you available to move at His directions? Many will answer “yes” to these questions, but allow me to recall you this: when we read Ezra 1:5, we see that God can move our hearts and give us a great desire to do things that are according to His purposes because any major change we can make in this world has to begin on the inside as God works on our attitudes, beliefs and desires. Why? Because these inner changes lead to faithful actions! Now, where does the problem lie for many Christians? They are ready to follow Jesus but not ready to give up some of their attitudes, beliefs or desires!!! And, most of the time we strive to do things because we are doing them our own ways, but we claim to be doing them for the Lord… while God Himself is the one who gives us the desire and the power to do what pleases Him. My friend, if you have to make great efforts in doing something that should please the Lord, then you should reconsider it and ask yourself if it is really in His perfect will or if it is not only in His permissible will, because even when we act against His will and plans, God never let us down since He loves us deeply, so He makes an alternative arrangement for us. But my friend, know that the secret to a changed life is to submit to God’s control and to let Him work in you and through you. Yes, as a Christian, just like Jesus, we ought to be able to recognize that we have not been sent on this earth to build houses or drive big cars but to do the will of Him who sent us (John 6:38). All we need to do every day is to ask God the Almighty to help us desire to do His will while trusting Him to transform our desires. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.