TODAY’S MEDITATION – Does your spiritual growth matches up with how long you have known Jesus? (John 31:21)

Today as we look at Nicodemus, we find out that God specialises in finding out and changing people we sometimes consider out of reach. My bother, my sister, there are lots of “undercover” believers out there. Sometimes our own judgment stops us from reaching out to them, or even to grow in a way that gives us more assurance than excuses. You see, as we observe Nicodemus,we see that it surely took a while before he came out of the dark, but God was patient with him just like He has been patient with all of us. Nicodemus secretly visited Jesus one night and left that night as a changed man who understood what being born again meant. Even though we do not know much about him throughout the Scriptures, at least we see the effects of this change in him: he questioned the people plotting to kill Jesus, asking for justice (John 7:50) and finally, even at the risk of his own life, we see him joining those who were asking for Jesus’ body in order to provide for His burial (John 19:39)… You have been a Christian for some time? What can people see or record about you that shows them you have changed? It’s not about you telling them “I have changed!” The answer is below. It’s simple: after meeting Jesus, Nicodemus continued to grow spiritually. The truth is that many believers never ask the question of their own spiritual growth in order to evaluate it. However, we should keep in mind that God wants to see the continued growth of every believer, he does not want our instant perfection (impossible anyway). So can you really say whether your current spiritual level matches the number of years or months you have known Jesus? Stop a minute and think carefully about this today! It did not take Nicodemus many years for him to act as a true Christian, that’s what we see in light of events in the life of Christ! The main problem is that some people have never questioned their own growth, but they want the Lord to give them things or gifts that only mature believers can handle. Have you been eating on porridge for years and feeling satisfied with it, but wondering why you are still not getting chicken from the Lord? God knows there are bones in the chicken and you could break your teeth, so ensure you are ready for chicken, then, He will give you chicken! He loves you and does not want you to get hurt. Moreover, He will never force you to eat chicken when you do not make an effort to get out of the porridge. You see, many believers are like adults whose milk teeth are still falling, while these teeth were supposed to finish falling by the end of their spiritual childhood: suppose you enter a university and everyone is missing teeth when they smile, and you enter a primary school class and see the same thing… Yes, it’s sad to say, but it is the spiritual reality of many people… Let’s be honest with ourselves, for the kingdom of God belongs to violent (Matthew 11:12). Become violent with yourself and grow! Stay blessed in Jesus’ name. [facebook] [retweet]