TODAY’S MEDITATION – Does the world see the Lord in you? (Isaiah 43:10-11)

Israel’s task was to be a witness of God for what God was doing for them. So, they were telling the world who God was! My brother, my sister, as a believer, today you share the responsibility of being the Lord’s witness. Do you know who Jesus is? Do you have a personal experience with Him? Or do you content yourself with what you hear other people say about Him? Remember Zacchaeus who wanted to know who Jesus was, and Jesus ended up inviting Himself in Zacchaeus’ home. Yes, no one can see the Lord directly today. Yet, you who already know him, keep in mind that the world should be able to see Him through you all the time, every day, in your words and your actions because when the Lord invites Himself in our home to dwell in, when we accept Him, He does not do it partly, He comes entirely. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.