TODAY’S MEDITATION – Do you know you have covenant with the Lord? (Jeremiah 31:31-33)

What is funny is that, everyone who works knows they have to sign a contract before starting work, when they rent/buy a house, they have to sign a contract… but many Christians ignore they signed a contract to walk with the Lord, which started the day they accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. Read Romans 10:9-21 to understand the terms of this contract! My brother, my sister, let me recall that a covenant is a contract between two or more parties. And the Bible says: “Do two walk together unless they have agreed to do so?” So, do you really think that you can walk your Christian life in your own terms and that just because you have accepted Christ, it is enough? No, you are in agreement with Him, which means both of you have your parts to do… and we know He is faithful!

Indeed, throughout the Bible, many covenants show that God has made covenants for different purposes, such as to communicate to us, to redeem us and to guarantee us eternal life in Christ Jesus. It is therefore crucial to understand why a covenant is important: first, God deals with us through a covenant (an agreement) by which He makes us promises. We can therefore rely on God’s Word for eternity and have comfort as we know that He is not a man to break His covenant. Secondly, the covenant shows us our part of the contract too…

Today, many Christians behave as if they have a covenant with their church or their pastor. What a mistake! Becoming a member or continuing as a member of a church is part of your Christian walk but has nothing to do with your relationship with the God… Now, my friend, know that any aspect of your covenant with the Lord is non-negotiable and let no-one tell you they can mediate between you and God, for the only mediator you have is Christ Jesus who enabled you to enter the covenant of grace, the gracious agreement between the offended God and the offending sinners that we are, because it is by this covenant that God promised to save us through faith in Christ, when we accept Him by faith and promise a life of faith and obedience.

Some Christians say they believe in God… but they don’t need to attend church… others compromise with hypocrisy or blatant sin, etc… What does the Word of God say (the Old and the New Testaments are His two covenants with us)? Today, let’s all of us check our individual covenant with the Lord in the light of the Word to judge for ourselves of our faithfulness to Him who has sacrificed everything for us. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.