TODAY’S MEDITATION – Do you know why the Lord says we are more than conquerors through Christ? (Romans 8:37)

So many people, including believers, are still more afraid of what the devil might do in their lives rather than trusting what God can do for them. My brother, my sister, have you ever wondered why the Lord keeps telling us not to be afraid? It is simple: we know that Satan is referred to as a star that was cast down to earth. And, Revelation 12:4 says a third of the stars were cast out with him, which means these stars are fallen angels. Therefore, if one third of those fallen stars have become his demons, then what a great assurance we have to know that two thirds of the angels are still on God’s side, which means they are on side of the followers of Christ too! What does it mean for us today? When Satan and one of his little demons attack you they are two, while on your side you have: two angels, the Holy Spirit, the Lord Jesus, God and yourself! Now, my friend, do you realise why the Bible says we are more than conquerors? Yes, if you knew this fact, why should you be afraid of what the devil is trying to do to undermine you? All the devil can do in your life is instilling things in your mind such as: -doubt (so that you start questioning God’s Word and His action in your life), -discouragement (for you to give up trusting God can actually do something as you are focusing more on your circumstances or problems), -distraction (by enticing you to do ungodly things instead of righteous things), -delay (through diverse influences that would lead you to lose trust or neglect your commitment to God), -defeat (as he makes you feel unaccepted, rejected or just to think that no matter how hard you work, you will never succeed). Besides, never forget that, Satan is not omnipresent (everywhere at once), he is not omniscient (knowing all), he is not omnipotent (all powerful). He is even unaware of your thoughts and mind. Only God is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent… so why focus on the one in the world and the circumstances he wants you to see that are motivated only by his desires to kill, destroy and steal rather than the One in you who is leading you to the truth about yourself, life and the purpose God has designed for you? The Bible says we perish for lack of knowledge. May this knowledge free you from Satan’s tactics to instill fear in you through doubt, discouragement, distraction, delay or defeat in Jesus’ mighty name. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name. [retweet] [facebook]