TODAY’S MEDITATION – Do you know that you are a necessary gift of God? (2 Samuel 7:1-29)

When we look closely into the character of Nathan, we can clearly say that this prophet lived up to the meaning of his name “God has given” and this should bring us to realise that God has sent us on this earth to be a gift and for a purpose. Nathan was a necessary and helpful gift from God to David. My brother, my sister, do you realise that you are a necessary and helpful gift from God to someone, to your family or to a friend? You see, Nathan served as God’s spokesman to David and proved himself a fearless friend and counselor, always speaking the truth, even when he knew that would cause great pain, even if that threatened his own life. Yes, when he confronted David’s multiple sin of coveting, theft, adultery and murder in his affair with Bathsheba, Nathan ended up helping David to see his own wrongdoing by showing that he would not have tolerated such actions from anyone else. In fact, David’s repentance allowed Nathan to comfort him with the reality of God’s forgiveness and at the same time remind him of the painful consequences his sin would cause on his life and the life of his children. We, Christians, today have become so self-centered, so unconcerned about the others, and when we look at them it is more to find fault or to accuse them like the devil, instead of trying to win them to the Lord. My friend, Nathan’s approach should help us judge our own actions before judging the others’. How often do we make choices that we would condemn others for making? Today, reflect on yourself and ask yourself this: “how do God and others see what I am saying or what I am doing?” Unfortunately, we have a huge capacity to lie to ourselves, but God still provides us with at least too safeguards against denial and self-deception: His Word and true friends! Let God’s Word or sincere friend speak to you about yourself, even if the truth is painful. If you don’t have a true friend like Nathan, ask God for one. Also ask God to use you as a suitable Nathan for someone else. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name. [facebook] [retweet]