TODAY’S MEDITATION – Do you ask Jesus at least what you could do to get eternal life (Mark 10:17-23)

This passage tells us about a man who approached Jesus asking Him what he could do to get eternal life. The good thing about our Lord Jesus is that He is the Truth, so He cannot let us be deceived. My brother, my sister, Jesus knows what you need to do to get eternal life. He is the only way to eternal life. You see, Jesus lovingly broke through this man’s pride with a challenge that brought out his true motives: “Go and sell your possessions and give the money to the poor”… Hmmmmmm! Eternal life is not an easy way, my friend! This challenge exposed the barrier that could keep this man out of the kingdom while he thought he was already doing everything right: his love of money and material possessions.

Yes, money represented this man’s pride of accomplishment and self-effort. Ironically, his attitude made him unable to keep the first commandment: to let nothing be more than God (Exodus 20:3). This man could not meet the one requirement Jesus gave him: to turn his whole heart and life over to God. That is the reason why, this man who came to Jesus asking Him what he could do to get to the Kingdom left seeing what he was unable to do on this earth to get there. My friend, what barriers are keeping you from turning your life and heart over to Christ? Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.