TODAY’S MEDITATION – Daniel, a young man convinced about the Lord (Book of Daniel, Matthew 24:15)

Today, let’s look at one character of the Bible who should inspire young people of today: Daniel, whose early life demonstrates that there is more to being young than making mistakes, partying and living aimlessly. My brother, my sister, this message is for you or for someone young people you know around you who are not conscious of the fact that Jesus Christ is returning soon to judge everything we have done during our life on this earth and there is no intermediary reality, except from heaven and hell, the world or the Lord! Daniel was a young man who was applying God’s will in his life and this helped him to resist to conform to the world by changing his convictions or good habits. He made both his physical diet (he paid attention to what he was eating) and spiritual (he was a prayerful man) an important part of his relationship with God. How many people smoke today, ignoring that God has given them a good health to take good care of it not to destroy it? Besides, Daniel communicated with God regularly so that his lifestyle would not be influenced by his environment. Now, when he was thrown in a den of hungry lions (Daniel 6:16), he kept his convictions about God and did not worry. And God glorified Himself by protecting him in a way that put his enemy into great confusion. My friend, do you hold so strongly to your faith in the Lord who saved you that whatever happens you will do what He says instead of conforming to the world? The truth is that many believers, especially young people follow Christ without great convictions or real passion for Him. Our societies have offered us so many options to avoid pain, hardships that we sometimes run away from them instead of bearing the cross as Jesus said we would (Matthew 16: 24-26) and wait patiently for Him who is in control of everything to help us out of unwanted situations and see Him glorified in our lives: we actually want the Lord to be glorified in our own terms, not His! Just look around you: so many young people are indebted today because our societies have made it easy to get quick cash to sort out minor financial problems and most of their prayers are about money to pay back those debts…! My friend, when you have a conviction about the Lord as Daniel, such conviction keeps you a step ahead of temptation and gives you wisdom and stability in changing circumstances that seem difficult to you or people. And the only way to develop such conviction is by prayerfully living out your convictions everyday and trusting God for the outcomes of everything in your life. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name. [facebook] [retweet]