TODAY’S MEDITATION – Cry… but never stop praising the Lord (Jeremiah 20:7-18)

Sometimes, we feel so much down, so much frustrated, so much bad that we only want to cry our pain out. Now, what most people do is that they go to different people to complain about their unwanted situation. My brother, my sister, as children of God, we should always remember that He is our loving Father. Have you ever seen children in pain running to someone else’ parent first for relief? They always look for their mum or dad first! This passage teach us a fundamental truth about how we should behave as children of the most High Father. Now, Jeremiah just told Pashhur a prophecy and was thrown into prison because the truth he spoke was too much for this man to bear. The first thing Jeremiah did was to turn to the Lord and cry out in despair. The most interesting thing is that, though he was desperate, he still praised the Lord, therefore unburdening his heart to God: he had faithfully proclaimed God’s word and had received nothing in return but persecution and sorrow: “I am ridiculed all day long; everyone mocks me… So the word of the Lord has brought me insult and reproach all day long… ” (verses 7-8). Now, because of all this, he wanted to withhold God’s word. Yes, sometimes, we can be in this place where we start thinking ‘is it worth it?’… My friend, Jesus never said it would be easy! So, know that you cannot withheld the Living Spirit of the Lord in you, when He is truly dwelling in you and that you are called by the Lord to work according to His purposes! Jeremiah indeed tried to withhold God’s Word for a while, but it became fire in his bones until he could hold it back no longer. My friend, even in the midst of your earthly turmoil, the Lord who is the master of the time and circumstances will not stop using you because you are setting your eyes on your situation rather than on Him. Let’s acquire this knowledge to be free and always keep in mind that, regardless of the way things may seem bad to us, just like Lazarus’ family thought it was too late for their brother after four days in the grave, the Lord’s living message of forgiveness and love will always become fire in your bones and revive you when you do not stop praising Him… Stay blessed in Jesus’ name. [retweet] [facebook]