TODAY’S MEDITATION – Christian service has no unemployment! (Luke 10:2)

Many believers are walking around the city having nothing to do, while there is a sector that has no unemployment and that pays much more than any big company or any work we could ever do in this world. My brother, my sister, Christian service has no unemployment! Today’s passage tells us that God has enough work for everyone. Jesus encouraged the disciples not just to do the work but also to pray for workers and to help newcomers learn the ropes of Christian walk, Christian living and Christian service.

You see, part of every believer’s prayers should be to pray for more workers to work in the Lord’s Kingdom. Whatever your role or position in your local church, today pray for more helpers: God wants us to pray, recruit and equip others to join us as we explore opportunities to serve Jesus. Today, people are so in a hurry: there are people who, as soon as they understand the Gospel, they want to go out to try and convert people immediately. Understanding the Gospel does not make you a disciple; understanding the Gospel does not mean you are applying it enough to be able to convert someone else… Jesus clearly gave us a different approach: begin by mobilising people to pray! Also, before praying for unsaved people, pray that other disciples will join you in reaching out to unbelievers. The work of God is not done in solo, it’s done together with others! My friend, God will lead you to an important responsibility, but prayer comes first. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.