TODAY’S MEDITATION – Christ provides true freedom ? (2 Peter 2:19-20)

A person is a slave to whatever controls his or her life. Our societies have promoted freedom for many years as the ultimate way of living, as long as our own fleshly and worldly desires are satisfied… that is why many people believe that freedom is doing anything we want. My brother, my sister, this is absolutely not true. If it was, then why would there be need to have rules to regulate our attitudes and behaviours in society? No one is ever completely free in that sense. And it is the same as regards our spiritual life: when we refuse to follow God’s rules, we obviously follow our own sinful desires and become enslaved to what our body wants. But, when we submit our lives to Christ, He will free us from slavery to sin and bring us to serve Him… and this freedom ends up in our ultimate good. Therefore, it is important for us to know that when we have learned about Christ and know how we can be saved through Him, then if we reject Him to return to our sins, we are like someone sinking in quicksand who refuses to grab the rope thrown to him or her. We should always pray and ask the Lord to strengthen us in our walk with Him, so that we may not turn away from Him whatever happens and keep the race to the end. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.