TODAY’S MEDITATION – Celebrate the Lord with all your heart (Psalm 100).

God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow: He fulfilled His promises to Israel giving them freedom, peace, the manna and many more… My brother, my sister, He is still doing it today, because He loves us and wants the very best for us. My friends, our God is good: if your memory fails with regards to why you should to celebrate and give thanks to Him, then remember this: God loves you.You see, in today’s world it has become more common to complain instead of remembering to give thanks! That’s why so many people out there go crazy, are depressed. My friend, The loving Lord loves you and wants you to celebrate, because it is a recognition of the fact that He has blessed you. Many Psalms are recalling us why we should be thankful. So God keep His word, and let Him move powerfully and wonderfully in your life as He did for Israel. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.