TODAY’S MEDITATION – Can anything good come from Nazareth? (John 1:45-46)

One thing many believers, and especially new convert sometimes have to face is people or family members despising them for choosing to follow Christ. My brother, my sister, there is nothing new under the sun! The city where Jesus came from was despised by the Jews so much that when Philip went to Nathanael who lived in Cana, near Nazareth and told him that the Messiah was from Nazareth, Nathanael was surprised and said: “can anything good come from Nazareth?”… My friend, may be the day people heard you have given your life to Christ they said or thought: “can anything good come from you now?” Like Philip, let’s learn to answer this: “Come and see for yourself!” You know why? Because Jesus Christ is Lord! Yes, He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow: when Nathanael went to meet Jesus, he became a disciple. The problem with us Christians is that we sometimes let people undermine our belief in a way that urge the pride in us in an attempt to prove people wrong. By your own strength or intelligence you can never convert anybody. Bring them to Jesus in prayers asking Him to meet those unbelievers, so they can see for themselves and get to see who Jesus really is. Have you ever wondered why and how Jesus met Saul on His way to Damascus? I am sure that some people were praying for the Lord to meet this great persecutor, just because they were afraid of him meeting them to kill them (Acts 9:1-19). My friend, never let anyone undermine your belief, because the Lord Jesus is “the founder and perfecter of our faith” (Hebrews 12:2) and before unbelievers you don’t need to prove your faith, just tell them if you don’t believe “come and see for yourself” (verse 46). You cannot justify or defend Jesus… you can only point out the way to Jesus to people who still believe there is nothing good they can find in Christ and of course pray for the Lord to meet them. You see, Philip did not only say come and see, he also took Nathanael to Jesus. Faith without action is dead. Lots of people will spend their time talking about Jesus but have you really invited the people you tell about Jesus to follow you to meet Him too? Let’s learn to do things the right way. Sometimes we make people run away when the Lord has already dragged them near, just because we try to justify Him… The Bible says only the Spirit of God can convince someone’s spirit… My friend, plant the seed of the Word, invite people to meet Jesus so that another can water the seed you have already planted in them and let God make their faith grow (1 Corinthians 3:7)… Yes, it is by walking in the spirit and according to God’s plan for us and for the unbelievers that something good can come from us because it is the will of God that we all become disciples (Matthew 28:19) and that all be saved (1 Timothy 2:4). Stay blessed in Jesus’ name. [facebook] [retweet]