TODAY’S MEDITATION – “Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?” (Matthew 6:27)

This verse is echoed in different ways throughout the Bible as God is telling us, His people, not to worry about the things of this life. My brother, my sister, worrying is a tool that is well sharpened by the devil, not only to push us away from the presence of God, since it makes us doubt God’s promises for our lives, but it also paralyses us making us unable to act to see changes.

We have a God who is the creator of all things, who is generous and gives abundantly to His faithfuls. In other words, worrying make us unfaithful, since no one can please God without faith. And it is obvious that we worry mainly in the areas we do not have faith in the Lord. Today’s verse is a question that seems simple, but says it all. We all have a testimony of a time we worried about ourselves, someone, something. Did any of the worry we might have had change the situation? No. Most of the time, the situation we worry about start changing when we take actions, physically or spiritually (prayer for example), isn’t it? Now, allow me to say that after worrying, we can take action, only because the worry is gone… because we have hope in the future (we expect our action to produce fruit… that is when our faith is activated), because, in the contrary, many people who worry and have no more hope in the future ended up shortening their lives by killing themselves… not adding an hour to it.

Our hope is in the life we have in Christ. He said cast your burdens unto Him. So, why worry? Have you already cast one and you don’t want to bother Him? The Bible says: “cast ALL your anxiety on Him” (1 Peter 5:7). So, no matter what has tried to make you worry, drop it at the cross today, turn your back to it… and whenever it comes back to your mind, say ‘I dropped you at the cross, goodbye’… And if Satan wants to remind you of that worry, answer him as well: ‘ you are always late, Satan, I dropped that problem at the cross of Jesus yesterday, so I am at peace now.’ My friend, sometimes we worry because, we are trying to find solutions to issues that we can simply and immediately give to the Lord as soon as they show up. Do you really trust Jesus to be able to carry your unwanted situations on your behalf? Then, “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own” (Matthew 6:34). May the Lord take control of all your worries in the name of Jesus. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.