TODAY’S MEDITATION – Beware! Your salvation is not made of marble, money, power or personal status, but with the blood of Jesus! (Matthew 23:13)

Many believers want to serve the Lord, lead others, to show others what they should or always be at the forefront as assistants, while they have neglected themselves spiritually. My brother, my sister, the Bible warns us of such things, because you can give only what you have and trying to give what you don’t have forces you to borrow, lie or just become an hypocrite… and that cannot take you to heaven. That is why today’s verse says: “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You shut the door of the kingdom of heaven in people’s faces. You yourselves do not enter, nor will you let those enter who are trying to.”

The fact is that many people want to serve God for various hidden reasons they are not ready to admit. Yes, it sounds so cool to be called ‘pastor, evangelist, our servant servant of God’ because you can have lots of sheep to drive (if not control), you can even make easy money through the tithes and offerings of people who work hard, you can build your own empire and your dynasty and leave your name in this world… My friend, this is so far from what Jesus taught us. Sometimes, the truth must be told! Just look at the Lord Jesus: His church had 12 members whom He made disciples. Today, people want to have or be in churches of 100+ members, some want church branches around the world. Yet, among these church members, there is not even one true disciple of the Lord Jesus, but there was certainly a lot disciples of Pastor! That is so far from Jesus’ teachings! The same, especially not a mega-giant stadium as a church building, yet billions of people have been converted in His presence until now. Today, if a church building does not have a marble floor, people think it is not a church of the Lord Jesus. Deception from the devil!

You see, Jesus is not interested in earthly things we see, but in what happens inside us. Allow me to put it this way: your salvation is not made of marble, money, power or your personal status in the society, it is made with the blood of Jesus! The things you see can make you lose sight of God, just like the apple Eve saw made them lose their status in the Garden of Eden. My friend, don’t be blinded by the lies the devil spreads around the world, including in the body of Christ. Following Christ is a matter of heart and disposition of your mind, it’s a matter of devotion, commitment and genuine desire to know Him. So, never forget that Christ was not born in a palace and He died on the cross in between two sinners. He had never been treated as a king, though He is the King of kings, the Lord of lords.Maybe you read this meditation thinking it is for your pastor or your spiritual leader. No! It is for you who say you serve or want to serve the Lord but your eyes are focused on men, on what you see or would you like to do to be seen instead of setting your eyes on Jesus and on things above. So always consider your own conception of the church, your conception of body of Christ, you conception of the Kingdom of heaven. The Word of God is the only light that can teach you the truth about your salvation… your eyes cannot! Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.