TODAY’S MEDITATION – Be accurate and logical in the way you walk with Jesus, for He is the one who sets you free (John 8:32-36)

Why is it that so many believers are still captive of their own sins or their negative thoughts? This is an important question because we see many believers who find themselves very good excuses or explanations to justify their sins. My brother, my sister, no matter what you do that is contrary to what the Lord expects of you because it is contrary to His Word, as it is called rebellion, sin, transgression or iniquity, the Lord is displeased with you. You don’t go to church on Sunday mornings because it is one hour away from your home, while you go to school or work that are two hours away every day? What excuse of explanation can you give Jesus,who is the head of the Church ? Yet, you stand every day before Him asking Him to set you free. No! You You want the Lord to bless your life with peace, material possessions, etc. while you stay away from Bible studies or any teachings that can teach you the principles to access and use His blessings? No! Even al the prayers of all the saints of the world will not allow the Lord to set you free: Jesus does not bargain with us, He sets us free, but His freedom is conditional and that condition is: be accurate and logical in the way you approach Jesus by seeking His truth first!

You see, Jesus Himself is the truth that sets us free (verse 36). He is the source of truth, the perfect standard of what is right. He frees us from continued slavery to sin, from self-deception and from deception from Satan. He shows us clearly the way to eternal life with God, and only that way has all the promises of your life. Theferore, Jesus does not give us freedom to do what we want, but freedom to follow the way that leads to God. Yes, my friend, know today that as you truly decide to follow God by serving Him, Jesus’ perfect truth frees you to be all that God meant you to be. You don’t need to force yourself to get things into this world. First become a faithful and trustworthy servant of the Living God. He knows your needs and He will give you not only what you need, but also what you desires because He is a generous loving Father. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.