TODAY’S MEDITATION – Avoid Babylon’s sins (Revelation 18:4-10)

Those who know a little bit of History can remember that in 1929, when Wall Street crashed, about 23,000 people committed suicide in a year as about 20,000 companies went bankrupt. My brother, my sister, this teaches us that we should avoid putting our hearts in materials or things of the world, because they can collapse in a blink of an eye. You see, those who are tied to the world’s system will lose everything when the system collapses: what they have worked for a lifetime to build up will be destroyed in a blink of an eye (verses 9-10). Yes, those who work only to gather material rewards will have nothing when they die or when their possessions are destroyed. There are some tribes around the world where people are buried with gold or expensive materials. Well, this is just for the show, my friend, because those things become food for worms once the grave is covered with dust. That is the reason why the Bible warns us to avoid Babylon’s sins. The people of Babylon lived in luxury and pleasure. Because they were financially comfortable, they felt invulnerable, in control and they did not need God. Yes, they were deluded with self-sufficiency. This reality is visible in our world today as much as it is a threat to many believers in search of fame or worldly comfort. Yet, what this passage is teaching us that there is more to come and we should never forget that our ultimate destination is a new earth where we can take nothing from this world except for our faith, our Christian character (and that’s why we are trying to become a bit more like Christ everyday) and our relationships with other believers (love), which are more important than any earthly money, power or pleasure. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name. [facebook] [retweet]