TODAY’S MEDITATION – Are you wearing the colours of the risen Christ’s team? (Acts 5:14-16)

As Christians, we should bear our identity and display it proudly like those football fans whenever they are going to watch a football match: they know they are not going to be on the football pitch, but they trust the players of their team. My brother, my sister, do people around you know, just from seeing you, that you are carrying the colours of Jesus’ team? What makes your Christianity attractive to others? We should always ask ourselves these questions because, nowadays, so many believers go to church because of good speakers, because of the church size or because the church has nice facilities. This should not be a criteria that is drawing anyone to church! When you are wearing the colours of Jesus’ team, you will represent Him at home, in your work place, during your fellowships, and try to ‘sell’ Him wherever you are, just like a football fan would like anyone else to love their team… Today, tough Christ wants to take total control of His churches, many are unfortunately man-controlled, that is why the expressions of God’s power at work has become limited, and those who know how to manipulate the Word of God use it to deceive the people of God. Let’s remember that, Peter’s shadow healed people. It was not Peter healing, but God’s power working through Peter. Why? Because Peter was wearing the coulours of Jesus’ team as he lived the Gospel. Yes, all Peter was doing was giving the testimony of Jesus, thus letting the power of the Messah, who had been crucified and risen, to work through Him. This power is available to all of us today, because when you are truly wearing the colours of the risen Christ’s team, in total trust, you should also allow Jesus to play the match for you in every area of your life, and rest assured because VICTORY IS YOURS in Jesus! Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.