TODAY’S MEDITATION – Are you still looking for the Messiah? (Romans 10:18-20)

In these verses we read that many Jews who looked for the Messiah refused to believe in Him when He came. Therefore, God offered His salvation to the Gentiles, in other words to people who were not looking for him: “I was found by those who did not seek me; I revealed myself to those who did not ask for me” (verse 20). My brother, my sister, we should therefore be very careful not to become judgmental as we have believed and walking with the Lord. You see, many Gentiles who did not even know about the Messiah ended up finding Him and believing in Him while some people had become so religious and spiritually blind that they thought they knew it all… and as a matter of fact, they did not recognize Him when He came. Being in the church does not mean you know the Lord. Yes, those people thought they knew God, but it is those who did not know Him who were able to recognized Him. The same today, many people fill church seats while those who have never been in a church are sometimes the most responsive to God’s message. My friend, appearances are deceiving, and we cannot see into people’s hearts, so we need to beware of judging beforehand who will respond to the Good News and who will not. Not everyone within the church know that the Messiah has already come otherwise they would be more responsive to the Good News He brought: miracle-runners don’t know He has come, since they are within the church only for the miracles they are expecting, not for Him or the Good News that can set them free and help them grab their miracles; belly-preachers don’t know because they are in the church only to serve their personal interests; those who fill the seats of the church instead of trying to become disciples don’t know because they are within the church only to say they are going to church; hypocrites don’t know or they would allow His Spirit to change them from inside out. A true Christian has recognized who Christ is and is living according to His commands because He has a personal relationship with Him. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name. [facebook] [retweet]