TODAY’S MEDITATION – Are you satisfied with whatever you have? (Acts 20:33-35)

This passage is a good reminder for us believers and non-believers in today’s world where people have set priorities that urge many to steal, lie, get into debts or just covet what they do not have. My brother, my sister, these verses show us that Apostle Paul was satisfied with whatever he had, wherever he was, as long as he could do God’s work. You see, he was a tent-maker and he supported himself with this job. Paul was not in the ministry to become rich. Besides, to be free from being dependent on anyone, he worked! This has to be said because, today in the body of Christ, many people now enter into ministry to become assisted by honest church members who truly fear God, which is an abomination! That is how such people pollute the body of Christ. Of course, those who do such things ignore that God is the provider of all things and He is generous! Here we clearly hear Paul saying that “You yourselves know that these hands of mine have supplied my own needs and the needs of my companions” (verse 34). This means he supported himself as well as others who travelled with Him… Yes, church members have the duty to participate in the functioning of the church, but there are too many drifts occurring, including money from the church, which is sometimes used for personal needs. We must stick to the Word of God and when we see these people that pollute the body of Christ, we must put them face to the Word of God. And here, it is clear that doing the work of God does not dispense anyone from working to supply their personal needs. My friend, I invite you to examine your attitude towards wealth and material comfort in the light of the Word of God. And more specifically, if you are working in a ministry, check yourself to see whether you focus more on what you don’t have than on what you do have… no matter your conclusion, your priorities and the work of God that you should be doing has to be in the first place. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.