TODAY’S MEDITATION – Are you ready to receive God’s truth? (1 Corinthians 2: 14-16)

One thing that most of us, believers or unbelievers always want to know is the truth. Yet, in today’s world, there are so many truths that many people are lost in the midst of them. My brother, my sister, the Bible says an unbeliever cannot understand spiritual truths or even grasp the fact that God’s Spirit lives in you. That is the reason why unbelievers will always find it hard to approve your decision to follow Christ. Why? Because “The person without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God but considers them foolishness, and cannot understand them because they are discerned only through the Spirit” (verse 14). How could you expect an blind person to appreciate the stylish clothes you are wearing while they cannot see them or a deaf person to appreciate the music you are listening? My friend, their lines of communication with the Lord is broken! However, when your line of communication with the Lord is open, the Lord can use you as a channel to reach those who still don’t know Him. The problem with many of us is that we are sometimes so much focused on our own problems that, even when the Spirit of God is communicating with us, despite our open lines, we do not hear anything. Therefore, we should learn to make silence in our hearts, minds and souls to be able to receive God’s truths… for, the Lord speaks to us every day, every minute to inform us, guide us, warn us, comfort us…. My friend, if you can realise what it really means that the Spirit of God dwells in you, then you should not be hopeless or looking for answers here and there. Just imagine this: you welcome a friend in your house. Now that friend dwells within your house, but you never hear him or her talking to you, while they have so many things to tell you! If you don’t hear that friend, it is only because you are not giving the friend the opportunity to talk to you… It is not that the friend is not talking to you… may be the friend is even talking but you do not hear because only your problems are shouting within you… Today, make your spirit available with a clean heart, a hopeful mind and a thankful soul to enable the Spirit of God to communicate you things you don’t know, answers you have been expecting, opportunities you have been looking for, God’s truths, etc. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name. [retweet] [facebook]