TODAY’S MEDITATION – Are you preparing the way for Jesus? (Matthew 3:1-4)

The Kingdom of Heaven began when God Himself entered human history as a man. Today, Jesus Christ has reigned in the hearts of believers, but His Kingdom will not be fully realised until all evil in the world is judged and removed. My brother, my sister, Christ first came to earth as a suffering servant; He will come again, and very soon, as a King and Judge to rule victoriously over all the earth. In these verses, John the Baptist was preparing the way for Jesus’s by preparing others to welcome Him. And Christians’ today have to prepare for His return because many people still don’t know Jesus and need to get ready to meet Him. Yes, we all can prepare those who still don’t know Him by explaining their need for forgiveness, demonstrating Christ’s teachings by our own conduct and telling them how Jesus can give their lives meaning. My friends, it is our duty to “clear the road for Him” (verse 3) by correcting misconceptions that might be hindering people from coming to Jesus. Someone around you may be open to a relationship with Jesus. Unless you approach him/her with Jesus or testify through your way of living, they might never get that encounter. Therefore we ought to ask ourselves how we are helping people to welcome Jesus. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.