TODAY’S MEDITATION – Are you looking for a divine breakthrough? (Psalm 23)

We all confess Psalm 23 when we need reassurance for divine provision: “The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.” Most of the time, when believers pray for a breakthrough, they apply it to their financial situations, which is limiting the power of God who wants to provide with much more than money into our lives. My brother, my sister, today let’s understand what a divine breakthrough is.

A breakthrough is an important discovery that you can make or that can happen in your life, after you have been trying to understand, sort out or explain something. A breakthrough is a sudden increase of knowledge or understanding that God gives you for a certain purpose. Now, because you may be expecting money to fall from heaven like the manna to sort out that unwanted situation and it does not happen, even when divine breakthrough is given to you, you may can still miss it. Let’s clarify this: may be you have been asking God for a financial breakthrough indeed, then His Spirit leads you to change the structure of your CV (maybe because the way it is does not make your experience attractive to any employer). So, change your CV! It may look like nothing, but God knows everything! Now, would you expect God to also come and tell you that since you have changed your CV, you now need to apply for jobs? The breakthrough that is meant to change your whole situation was change your CV! If you understood that bit, you don’t need more details from God… Some people would change their CV, but never send it anywhere, or send to one or two job applications, and still continue waiting for a divine breakthrough in the form of the manna. No, looking for divine breakthrough should not make you passive at all. In the contrary, it has to be accompanied by PRAYER (1 Thessalonians 5:17-19); FAITH (Matthew 17:20); HOLINESS (Hebrews 12:14); THANKSGIVING (1 Thessalonians 5:17-19); COMMUNITY AWARENESS (Romans 1:12).

You see, your faith can truly be expressed only in the midst of your brothers in Christ, who can also help you to be set apart, doing things that are different from the world (that’s holiness). Many people ask God for a breakthrough to satisfy only their own desires. God never intended you to live alone or as if you are alone, that is the reason why he had you to be born from a man and a woman, so you cannot boast about your independence. My friend, there will never be divine breakthrough in your life while you are still focused on things you want to enjoy all alone… people who are too independent and think they can better achieve all alone will hardly have a thankful heart, because the only person they want to thank is themselves! Yet, divine breakthrough is inseparable from recognizing the people God has placed around you. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.