[one_fourth_last]“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.” (Matthew 5:6). The main problem with believers today is that they understand the Word of God mostly in a earthly context. My brother, my sister, let’s me ask you this today: are you hungry for the spiritual renewal that God promises? You know, one main sign that someone is not feeling well is the lost of appetite. Many examples in the Bible shows us people who were hungry for the Lord, just like Zacchaeus who was so hungry to see Jesus that he set aside his dignity to do it, and climbed a tree, because when you are truly hungry, you take desperate measures and you don’t care who is watching you. Yes, despite all his money and prosperity, Zaccheus was starving because of his sin. Now, Jesus called out Zacchaeus by name and you may ask why him and not the others? Because Zacchaeus was a hungry sinner. The crowd was full of sinners, but they were hungry for what they could see Jesus do; they were not hungry for Jesus! Therefore, Zacchaeus was different from them. And we can read what the crowd had in common with each other: they all grumbled, judging the fact that Jesus had decided to go an dinne at Zacchaeus’. You know where their problem was? They had become so judgmental and captivated with the miracles of Jesus that they lost sight of the mission of Jesus: He came for the sinners! My friend, Jesus gives His attention to sinners who desperately want Him to address their sins because they know who He is: “the Lord”.Yes, in the presence of the Lord, something changes. Are you in desperate need of what only the Lord can give? If you are, then start making room for the new thing the Lord wants to do inside of you… so old things must go first! The Lord cannot bring about something new within us if we are still crowded inside with old stuff! When you are hungry, you stomach is rumbling… Jesus is looking for people whose spiritual insides are rumbling for Him. Unfortunately, the reason many of us are not hungry inside like we should be is because we are full of the wrong stuff. We have satisfied ourselves with snacks, so when good food comes, we cannot take in anymore. Today, realise that God does not want you to content with spiritual fast-food, something you can just pick up and gulp down while you continue your other business. He wants you to come and dine at His table. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name. [facebook] [retweet]