TODAY’S MEDITATION – Are you eager to share what you have received from Christ? (Romans 1:14-15)

Unfortunately, many people are sometimes confronted to the reality of being forced to hide their conversion when they become Christians, because they are afraid of being misunderstood, challenged or attacked by their family or friends. However, there is no excuse for long-time converted believers who continue to hide their Christianity or would rather conform themselves to the world instead of bringing the world to Christ. My brother, my sister, don’t be those Christians who hide who they are or serve Christ out of habit. But always ask God to give you or to renew your eagerness to obey Him and tell the others about Christ every day, and everywhere you are. You see, after his experience with Christ on the road of Damascus (in Acts 9), Paul’s whole life was consumed with spreading the Good News of salvation and he felt it was an obligation for him to spread it to people of the entire world. And you know what? His determination enabled him to meet his obligation by proclaiming Christ’s salvation to people across all cultural, social, racial, economics lines. So, as Christians, we are also obligated to Christ because He took the punishment we deserve for our sins. Although there is nothing we can do or say that would repay Christ for what He has done for us on the Cross, at least, we can demonstrate our gratitude by showing His love to others, by being eager to share the Good News we have received. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.