TODAY’S MEDITATION – Are you bold enough for Jesus? (Acts 26:26-29)

In these verses, we see Apostle Paul appealing to FACTS about Jesus, just to see people coming to Christ. Nowadays, many believers claim to know about Jesus Christ, but display very little faith in witnessing for the facts they know about Him. Let us remind that in Paul’s time, people were still alive who had heard Jesus and seen His miracles with their own eyes and obviously the Christian message was turning the world upside down (Acts 17:6). My brother, my sister, the history of Jesus’ life and the early church are facts that still confront us today. All we are witnessing in our churches have happened in the past and we have eyewitness accounts of those facts recorded in the Bible to be used to strengthen our faith with the truth of these accounts. You see, though Paul received a sarcastic response from his presentation of facts about Jesus, he did not react to the brush-off but made a personal appeal to which he hoped all his listeners would respond. My friends, the problem we sometimes face as we are trying to witness about Jesus is that we lack boldness. Why do we lack boldness? Because we cannot present Jesus to someone based only on hear-say or what we read! These verses are a good example for us as we tell others about God’s plan of salvation. Only a sincere personal appeal or a personal testimony of what Jesus has done for you can show the depth of your concern and break through hardened hearts. It is not by mouth, it is not by power, it is by your personal relationship with the Lord that you can truly witness about Him, because, your heart will be revealed through your words. Yes, your own words will go ahead of your actions to show if you are more concerned for the salvation of the strangers rather than for your own interests. You see, Paul’s boldness showed he was more concerned for the salvation of his audience rather than for the removal of his own chains. Today, ask God to give you a burning desire to see others come to Christ, a desire so strong that it overshadows all your problems and needs. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.