TODAY’S MEDITATION – The cross is hard, but it is your solution, your resurrection (Luke 23:37-38)

“If you are the king of the Jews, save yourself.” There was a written notice above him, which read: this is the king of the jews” (Luke 23:37-38).

My brother, my sister, can you imagine how ironic the situation was? A king, stripped and executed in public view? In our world, when such a thing happens, it means that the king has obviously lost His kingdom forever. But, Jesus, who turns the world’s wisdom upside down, proved the contrary, because losing His kingdom according to earthly values was actually coming into His Kingdom. Yes, His death and resurrection was going to strike the deathblow to Satan’s rule and establish Christ’s eternal authority over the earth. You see, few people reading the sign that bleak afternoon of Jesus’ death understood its real meaning, but the sign was absolutely true.

Similarly, people may see you in a difficult situation that looks like death, but they may not understand what the Lord is doing in your life. My friend, when everything seems lost and people are far from you, just as Jesus was abandoned on the cross by His friends, do not worry, only set your eyes on that same cross, because the Cross brings life where people see death! Yes, everyone thought that the kingdom of Jesus had come to an end on the cross when it was actually being established. Today, people may think that you will never get out you of the painful, difficult or unwanted situation you are going through… this is their sanction, not the Lord’s! Yes, it may be hard, but carry your cross, do not give up and wait patiently for Him who has experienced the cross to get you out of yours. He will undoubtfully do it as you trust Him, thus turning people’s wisdom upside down by your restoration, your healing, your deliverance or your calling. My friend, Jesus did not give up on the cross. Do not give up either! The cross is difficult, but it is your solution, your resurrection. The cross you are bearing today is the place where God will glorify His Holy Name in your life. Hold on in faith, because Jesus is sustaining you in the trial. Very soon it will be over… Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.