TODAY’S MEDITATION – Are you a refreshing influence on others? (Philemon 1:4-7)

In today’s society, people are so much overwhelmed with daily problems that, sometimes, when you need comfort and you go and see someone, instead of them assisting you, they start crying over your shoulder too for their own problems. In these verses, we read that Philemon knew how to be refreshing. He was able to revive and restore his brothers and sisters in the faith. His love and generosity had replenished and stimulated people around him. Philemon also encouraged Paul by his love and loyalty. My brother, my sister, are you a refreshing influence on others, or do your attitude and temperament add to the burden they carry? Instead of draining other’s energy and motivation with complaints and problems, we, Christians, should learn to replenish their spirits by encouragement, love and a helpful attitude. You see, Philemon was active in his faith and generous in sharing its blessings. As you gain fuller understanding of all that Christ has done on your behalf, this knowledge should cause you to respond to others in a Christ-like way, with a serving attitude, with availability and with genuine love. Being a Christian is dying to yourself and becoming active and effective in sharing with others your faith, your resources and your love. Let me ask you a question today: when is the last time you fasted for someone else’s problem? When is the last time you devoted days or weeks of prayers for someone else without your pastor or someone asking you to? Yet, the Word of God tells you to love your neighbour like you love yourself!!! Now balance it out: how often do you pray for yourself compared to praying for the others on your private time with the Lord? My friend, to be a refreshing influence on others, you need to assist them spiritually first, because when you do so, the Lord Himself will strengthen you and give you the words you need to be able to do what He wants you to do for those He has put on your way and who need to be revived. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.