TODAY’S MEDITATION – Allow Jesus to make you become a builder (Acts 1:13; Luke 14:28)

In today’s passage, we see how the disciples were desperate due to the physical absence of the Lord Jesus. This despair began when Jesus was arrested and they were disoriented despite the fact that Jesus had prepared them. My brother, my sister, Jesus has also been preparing you through His teachings. Why do you feel disoriented today? Whatever the situation that causes this, Jesus has the solution for you. But can you find it?

You see, Jesus told His disciples to go and wait for the Holy Spirit in the upper room. Maybe you have tried many things, you have been listening to yourself or to people about your situation and now you are overwhelmed by frustration because nothing seems to change. Know that the Lord is not working in disorder and confusion: He is waiting for everything to be quiet around you to be able to instruct you! When they did not know what to do, Jesus did not tell His disciples what to do, but He asked them to withdraw in prayers! Also, be restless or stressed out no more! Instead, do empty your mind and go in the upper room and wait for the Lord’s solution in prayer. The problem is that you may have been promoting your situation around the world to have the compassion of men that now you may find it hard to even stay alone, in silence before the Lord. My friend have you ever experienced your Pentecost? After their prayer time that was requested by the risen Lord, Peter experienced it, and He who had denied Jesus was never the same again… His life changed: he became a true builder!

Allow Jesus to make you to become a builder. Stop being a consumer, because the Gospel in you must produce fruit. Your situation cannot stop what Jesus wants to do with you. The apostle Paul never received the healing he asked God for, but look at what the Lord did with him! It is not necessarily what you think you should do on this earth that God wants to see you perform. Allow the Lord to expand your tent and stop limiting His action with excuses, with people’s opinions… or any other reason you may find. Start submitting yourself to God’s Spirit and He will be able to guide you, strengthen you and lead you towards the perfect plan of God. Stay blessed Jesus’ name.